Emailing Dr. Mark Carney, ND, LAc

 In an effort to streamline communication with Dr. Mark, keep our fees as low as we can, and support Dr. Mark in keeping a balanced, sustainable workload we are trying out this pre-paid tiered email system.

Please read and choose the appropriate option to pre-pay.  Please note: email is not to be used as a substitute for office visits and we reserve the right to schedule a follow-up office visit instead of responding to your email. In these instances, you will not be charged for your email.  We thank you for working with us as we continue to find new ways to help serve you best!

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Question Fees

Steps to Pre-Pay for Email Response

1. Choose the Tier Fee from the drop down menu above that is appropriate for you.
2. Click the “PAY NOW” button and you will be taken to PAYPAL SECURE CHECKOUT
3. Don’t have a PAYPAL account? No Problem!
  •  On the Paypal Page, look at the right column and choose the second option on the right entitled “Don’t Have A PayPal Account.”
  • Enter your credit or debit card information, email and billing address. All credit cards are accepted.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that payment has been received.
 4. Once you have submitted payment, please email your questions to [email protected] if you have not already done so.
5. Depending on your need, here is the turn around time to expect for a reply:
  • If you chose Tier 2 or Tier 3, please allow 72 hours for a response to arrive via email.
  • If you chose Tier 4, please allow 96 hours for a response to arrive via email.
  • If you chose Tier 5, please allow 2 weeks for a response to arrive via email.



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