Acupuncture for Wellness

Let’s talk about wellness. Wellness is taking our wellness from wherever it’s at and improving it. The four pillars of health are:

  1. Nutrition – What we’re eating and what we’re not eating
  2. Sleep & Rest- The quantity and quality of the sleep and rest we get
  3. Exercise- The movement that our bodies get on a daily basis
  4. Interconnectedness- The feeling that we have to something outside of ourselves

Acupuncture is one of many things that you can do to achieve greater and greater levels of wellness. We have many patients that come in on a routine basis, either once a month or once a quarter for what they call “tune up” sessions, almost like we would think of tuning up a car.

No matter where you are in your health, acupuncture is one viable option to improve and promote the quality of your health.

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Dr. Mark Carney is a Registered Naturopathic Doctor and a top Denver, Colorado licensed acupuncturist for wellness.

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